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Block with Zwilling Twin 1731 knives

Wengè painted ash block with Zwilling Twin 1731 knives


Wengè painted ash block with 4 forged Zwilling Twin 1731 knives with Makassar ebony handle (Peeler knife cod. 31860-101, meat knife cod. 31860-201, Chef or kitchen knife cod. 31861-201, sharpener cod. 32574-230).
Block size: mm.195×120×390

New bolster design protects fingers yet blade is sharpened to the heel until the end (pat. pending)
New blade shapes optimized blade geometry for professional cutting performance
Embedded lasered logo everlasting visibility in use as well as in storage, suitable for left and right handlers
New handle design very ergonomic and well balanced handle valuable Makassar ebony wood
New formula steel alloy (developed for space technology) Cronidur 30 60 Rockwell hardness vs 56 +1 Rockwell of standard steel higher cutting performance vs standard steel very high corrosion resistant
SIGMAFORGE one piece precision forged
New grinding technology precise cutting performance due to precise slim form of a wedge, small and sharp angle of the edge combined with wide sturdy back of the blade
Fridour Ice Hardening Stability, corrosion resistance and lasting sharpeness

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