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Stainless steel Zilopop lollypop that refreshes your breath and can help to remove all bad odors from your mouth.

Bad breath? That’s when zilopop, the innovative lollypop, can help to remove all bad odors from your mouth. Garlic, fish, cheese, cigarettes, wine – many things we consume lead to bad breath. And that’s embarrassing and unpleasant; yet brushing your teeth doesn’t always help, and that’s even if you remember to take your toothbrush. The small and handy zilopop eliminates even the most stubborn garlic breath and it’s so easy to take with you. The zilopop has a pointed end made out of high-grade stainless steel; simply suck on it like you would a lollipop. After a few moments of sucking, all odors are eliminated from your breath and you can keep talking without worrying about having smelly breath. Instructions It’s so simple to use the zilopop. Just take the zilopop out of its cover and suck on it like you would a piece of candy. After only two to three minutes all odors within your mouth are gone. The zilopop is made out of high-grade stainless steel which has the special ability to neutralize odors as soon as it comes into contact with moisture. When you suck on the stainless steel your breath will be cleansed of any food odors. The stainless steel has been carefully tested and will not harm your health. A light taste of stainless steel disappears by itself after you’ve sucked on it for a few seconds. Warning Before using for the first time, you must remember to wash it under warm running water with a fat-soluble detergent. Not suitable for children aged under 8 years! Due to reasons of hygiene, we are unable to exchange this product! Standard size: weight 0,2 kg. cm.8 x cm.3 x cm.1 Are you looking for something and couldn't find it? Have you got any questions, hints...Contact us!
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