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La Pavoni Cellini lever red coffee machine

La Pavoni espresso coffee and cappuccino machine


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***AUTHORIZED OFFICIAL DEALER*** Machine with the automatic pressurised filter holder espresso crema enabling to obtain some creamy espresso coffees, no matter what grind or blend are used. The innovative design of Cellini, where the quest for new forms and quality unites with technological research to create a decisively avant-garde coffee machine. The machine is equipped with two gauges to indicate pump pressure and boiler temperture, active cup warmer to keep cups warm. One cylindric heating element to heat the coffee group, is activated while switching on the machine and grant the perfect temperature also for the first coffee maintaining the even temperature of coffee group for the next coffees. One infusion micro-camera, inside the group, improve the exploitation of coffee. An automatic valve stops dripping from the coffee group. Turbo steam nozle for heating and frothing milk and for heating other hot beverages such as tea and hot chocolate; can be interchanged with the Cappuccino Automatic maker. The Cappuccino Automatic system immediately takes the milk directly from its container, delivering it perfectly frothed and heated into the cup; this system ensures the maximum hygiene, requiring no manual dexterity from the operator. The machine is equipped with an active cup warmer plate to keep the cups always warm. Are you looking for something and couldn't find it? Have you got any questions, hints...Contact us!
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