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Alessi Pots&Pans pots

Alessi Pots&Pans stainless steel pot set


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Alessi Pots&Pans stainless steel pot set made up of 11 pcs. with thermodiffuser bottom suitable for all heat sources (induction stove included):
cm.20 pot cod.AJM100/20
cm.20 saucepan cod.AJM101/20
cm.24 shallow saucepan cod.AJM102/24
cm.24 1 handle pan cod.AJM110/24
cm.16 1 handle saucepan cod.AJM105/16
milk warmer cod.AJM302
cm.16 lid cod.AJM200/16
cm.20 lid cod.AJM200/20 (2 pcs.)
cm.24 lid cod.AJM200/24 (2 pcs.)

Designer: Jasper Morrison

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